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From the moment your guests disembark in the naturally beautiful Greenland – The island experiences give you the professional and reliable on-shore  service you need. From sailing trips to cultural shows with excellent local entertainment, simple city tours and beach trips with local culinary delights – our many years in the cruise ship industry gives us the experience needed to provide the impeccable service your guests expect. We know we cab provide your guests with the island experience of a lifetime!

We provide the following services:

  • Guided sightseeing 

  • Getting close to the population 

  • Adventure  – Boat trip 

  • Cultural Tours and Local Entertainment

  • Special Interest Tours

Main focus

Our main focus is customer satisfaction – of course. We stay in touch with upcoming trends and developments on the market to remain sensitive to the needs of our guests.
We constantly train new tour guides to satisfy the growing demand of larger cruise ships. And we aim to create new exciting excursions with the utmost precision and customisation to ensure our customer’s satisfaction. We also liaise with our other local service providers, constantly sensitizing them to current demands, to create the best product possible.

  • Guides – our guides are professionally trained, experienced, hospitable and well groomed. We take great pride in being able to provide a large number og professional guides
  • Transportation – we have excellent relationships with transport providers on both islands and maintain regular checks on both vehicles and drivers – constantly working to improve standards
  • Timing of excursions – we update our tours according to traffic situations and other important factors to ensure timely stops and returns.
  • Port Authority – we maintain excellent relations with both the Port Authorities and Tourism Authorities

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