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Fishing in Nuuk

Immerse yourself in the authentic Greenlandic way of life by joining us for a deep-sea fishing trip in Nuuk. Fishing has always been, and still is, an essential part of the Greenlandic culture and a crucial means of survival for the local people.

The type of fish we target will vary depending on the season. In June, it’s possible to catch “ammassatter,” small salmon fish that can be easily shoveled into the boat. Later in the summer, there are excellent opportunities to catch cod and redfish.

Fisketur kvinde fisker fra båden
Fugle fjeld tur kvinde kigge op mod fuglende

Our boats are equipped with simple fishing gear, but you are welcome to bring your own fishing rod if you prefer. Fishing licenses can be obtained at the post office in Nuuk by printing and redeeming the license voucher.

The feeling of setting out on a fishing trip with the mission to provide for yourself and your family is truly exhilarating and is something that people around the world can still relate to.

While we typically catch cod or redfish during our fishing trips, it’s important to remember that fish are wild animals, and we cannot guarantee a catch every time.

Experience the thrill of deep-sea fishing and connect with the authentic Greenlandic culture. Book your fishing trip with us today!

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