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Around Sermitsiaq

Welcome to a tour around Sermitsiaq in Nuuk, Greenland! This is a unique and exciting experience where you will see the fantastic landscape and amazing wildlife that this area has to offer.

We start the tour from Nuuk Harbor and board a small motorboat that is perfect for taking us on this journey. We sail along Nuuk Fjord and enjoy the sight of the fantastic mountains and rocks that surround us. We pass small fishing villages where we can see fishermen at work, and we can also see some of the small houses and cabins that are scattered along the coast.

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After about an hour of sailing, we arrive at Sermitsiaq, which is the large mountain located right at the entrance to Nuuk Fjord. It is an impressive sight, and we take the time to enjoy the view and take some fantastic pictures.

On our way around Sermitsiaq, you will see many of the different animal species that live in this area. We will likely see whales swimming along the coast, and we can also see seals resting on the rocks along the water. If we’re lucky, we may even see some of the other animals that live in this area, such as reindeer.

As we continue to sail around Sermitsiaq, you will also see some of the small islands and islets located off the coast. These islands are known for their fantastic birdlife, and if you look up, you will likely see some of the beautiful arctic birds flying around in the sky.

After a few hours of sailing, we will return to Nuuk Harbor. The tour around Sermitsiaq will have been an experience of a lifetime, and you will have seen some of the most fantastic natural beauty and wildlife that Greenland has to offer.

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